Bpm holiday farm, have 1 family apartment for max 8 people, and a doubleroom for max 3 person. Then we have 30 spot for camping vagon. A tent area where we have 4 family tent. Family can rent ,in the same area the is tent spot for 20 tent.. We have room for 30-40 motorhomes. It is close to trelleborg - 30 minut from malmö , 45 minutes from the öresund bridge, one hour from central copenhagen and six hours from berlin. We have 30 spot for camping vagon. A tent area where we have 4 family tent. In the same area the is tent spot for space for 20 tent.. We have room for 10. 20 motorhomes.. On the farm there is 7 chickens , 2 horses, 3 dogs. Bikecycle rental, outdoor pool and boublebath, a playground with trampolins. Different outdoor games and fun. For the children. Trelleborg is a town in skåne, sweden, with 28,290 inhabitants in . It is the southernmost town in sweden located some 10–15 kilometres west from the southernmost point of sweden and the scandinavian peninsula. 7 km to the nearest supermarked and resturang in anderslöv. Trelleborg dates back to the viking age and today the reconstructed ring castle from harald blåtand's days is one of the major tourist magnets. Another is smygehuk, sweden's and scandinavia's southernmost headland, which, not least in the summer, lives up with art exhibitions, events and scanian food. Trelleborg, with its nearly 43,000 inhabitants, is sweden's 50th largest municipality, the sixth largest in skåne. For both residents and tourists, the municipality offers quality of life, close to the pulse of the big city but with all the advantages of the small town. A rich association life offers a wide range of different events and 32 kilometers of coastline offers beautiful nature experiences.

55.42148005974233, 13.236236572156487 Västra Virestads Byaväg, Trelleborg
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  • Sp Trelleborg


    Bredvid dalabadets camping i trelleborg på parkeringen finns det numera..(6.7km)

  • Husbilsparkering


    3st parkeringsplatser //bo niegemann, parkering.(7.4km)

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